Teacher: Ms. Moynihan: 2017/2018
Ms. Curran 5th & 6th: 2017/2018

Teacher: Ms. Moynihan: 2016/2017

Lifelong Learning Festival at U.C.C.

Engineering Week at CIT

Mitchelstown Caves

Ms. Moynihan’s class visited the Mitchelstown Caves today – they had a great day.

Teacher: Ms. Moynihan: 2015/2016

Sixth Class Visit CIT

 Ms. Moynihan’s sixth class were in CIT on Thursday, the 3rd March as part of Engineering Week.

Scientific Sue needed lots of volunteers to help her investigate and explore the science of how dragons fly and then used some science behind the different dragon fire types (steam, icy fog, explosive gases, flammable liquids and of course big flames and tornado type fire!) plus dragon’s digestion processes. She tried to engineer a way which would allow baby dragon fly but unfortunately baby dragon died!

The show was inspired by the stories by Cressida Cowell on ‘How to Train your Dragon’.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and three of the boys, Emmanuel Abraham, Zen Fiaz and Stephen Osubor got to directly participate on stage.

It was a great show which was very informative. We look forward to repeating some of the experiments in our class.

The show was held in the Rory Gallagher Theatre in CIT. We enjoyed learning in class about one of Cork’s great musicians.

This visit today tied in with the visit from an engineer last week from Boston Scientific.

We are now all well exposed to the idea of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

There are surely some budding scientists and engineers in our midst!


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As part of our Junior Achievement Programme, we had a visit this week from Boston Scientific.

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Mr. Duggan’s VI Class: 2014/2015


Soccer Tournament by Conor Ryan:

My school took part in a 5-a-side soccer tournament. We left school at quarter past nine on a bus. The teams we played were St. Joseph’s, Blarney Street and Brooklodge. We lost our first game 4-2 against Blarney Street, the second game we played we won 25-0 against Brooklodge, then the third game we lost again 6-3. Then we reached the final against St. Joseph’s, then we lost 4-1. then we went back on the bus to school. We were unlucky that we didn’t get through but it was still a good day. The other boys who played were Jack Cahalane, Kian O’Sullivan, Ryan O’Sullivan, Kamil Griffen, Ben McSweeney, Ryan Corcoran and Shane Keating-Burke.


Computer Course by Liam Scannell

Our sixth class computer course is a great way to learn about computers.  The computer class takes place in the computer room.  It’s on every Tuesday for half an hour.  Then the second group go down for a half an hour.  Our teacher’s name is Ms. Mary Wallace.  She gives us good tips and tricks.  She teaches us how to correct and save our stories.  In my opinion the class is great.  She also shows us how to make our own folders.  We save all our stories on our own folders.


Soccer Tournament by Ryan Corcoran

On Thursday last week Togher Boys’ took part in a soccer tournament.  The competition took place in Blarney and we travelled by bus.  We played Blarney and we lost 4-2 in our first game.  Then we played Brooklodge and we won 25-0.  After that game we had a break for half an hour.  After that break we played St. Joseph’s and lost 6-3.  We still got to the final on goal difference.  As we were waiting on the people who were making up the tables we were practising.  We got through and went to the final against St. Joseph’s and lost 9-2.  We were sad but that’s life.  We got the bus back from Blarney to school.  It is a tournament I really enjoyed.

Our Computer Course by Anthony Walsh

Our class are taking a computer course in school.  The course is taught by Ms. Mary Wallace.  The course will be on for eight weeks.  The class is on every Tuesday for thirty minutes.  Ms. Wallace shows us useful tips for our computers.  The course is on in our computer room.  These classes will help us upskill our computer skills.  Ms. Wallace shows us how to correct our mistakes and how to save our material in a folder.  In my opinion this course is the best way for us to learn more about computers.

Soccer Tournament by Ben McSweeney

On last Thursday we took part in a school soccer tournament.  It was held in Blarney.  We travelled to Blarney by bus.  We lost our first match 4-2 to Blarney Street.  Then we played Brooklodge.  We won 25-0.  Then we played St. Joseph’s and lost 6-3.  Then we had a break.  We had the final at 12 o’clock.  We lost 4-2 to St. Joseph’s in the final.  We arrived back to school at 2.30.  It was a most enjoyable day, and we thank Ms. Collins and Mr. Donnellan for helping us on the day.

Our Computer Class by Mikolaj Dagiel

Our sixth class has decided to take up computer classes.  The computer class will take place in the computer room every Tuesday for an hour.  The first half of the class go for half an hour and then the second half of the class come down for the next half hour.  Ms. Mary Wallace teaches our computer class.  The computer class is a good way to learn new tips and tricks on the computer.  You could learn to change the colour, the style and how big or small the writing you write with is.  The whole class enjoyed it and I think it is a good way to start learning about computers.