2017/2018 Teachers : Ms. Hurley & Ms. Healy

2016/2017 Teachers :  Ms. Mangan & Ms. O’Connor

Rock Painting – Senior Infants, Miss Mangan’s Class

Ms. Mangan’s boys at the Dentist – aistear :

Easter Egg Hunt
Ms. Mangan’s and Ms.O’Connor’s classes had an Easter Egg Hunt today.

Crazy Cress Heads – senior infants Miss Mangan

13-02-2017: An fear sinsear by senior infants a Valentine’s treat

06-02-2017: Irish books about Eadai that Ms. Mangan’s Class made for scriobh leabhar.

27-1-2017: Aistear (garden centre) and spray paint art

Ms. O’ Connor’s Class showing just a small portion of their artwork.

pc200006 pc200005 pc200004

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Senior Infants ………

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Halloween in Togher Boys’ School

img_7434 img_7433 img_7432 img_7431 img_7430 img_7429 halloween-2016-027 halloween-2016-026 halloween-2016-025 halloween-2016-023 halloween-2016-021 halloween-2016-020 halloween-2016-019 halloween-2016-018 halloween-2016-017 halloween-2016-016 halloween-2016-015 halloween-2016-014 halloween-2016-013 halloween-2016-012 halloween-2016-011 halloween-2016-010 halloween-2016-009 halloween-2016-007 halloween-2016-005 halloween-2016-004 halloween-2016-003 halloween-2016-001


Senior Infants – September 2015

Class 2015 001 002-002

2015/2016: Teacher: Ms. Mangan

Christmas Art:


Making Gingerbread Men:




2015/2016: Teacher: Ms. O’Connor


St. Valentine’s Day Cards:

DSCI0650 DSCI0647 DSCI0648 DSCI0649 DSCI0646 DSCI0651

Ms. O’Connor’s Class Christmas Art & Crafts:

DSCI0616 DSCI0615 DSCI0610 DSCI0614 DSCI0606 DSCI0609 DSCI0601 DSCI0621

Snowmen are made with our finger prints.


Making Gingerbread Men:

DSCI0580 DSCI0579 DSCI0577 DSCI0578 DSCI0576 DSCI0583



Ms. Mangan’s Senior Infants 2014/2015


Ms. O’Connor’s Senior Infants 2014/2015