Teacher: 2017/2018: Ms. O’Donoghue

Blue fever in 1st and 2nd class with their teacher and SNA both Togher natives.
COME ON THE BARRS – ye can do it next time!!!!

Ms. O’ Donoghues boys have had a “super”
September!! Look at our lovely superhero
door and writing. The start of the year can be tiring so we like to take a break and relax and read in our super reading corner!

Ms O Donoghues boys were also very busy doing lots of art. We made Autumn trees in vibrant Autumn colours. We also painted self portraits by trying to mirror a picture of half of our face. We had so much fun! Can you spot who is who!

Teacher: 2016/2017: Ms. McGrath

Junior Achievement:

We have been participating in the Junior Achievement programme for the last few weeks. Our mentor is Jim Hayes, and we have been learning a lot about goods and services, business, money and our neighbours. One of the interesting things that we did was to set up our own birthday cake company. We had to come up with a name for it, describe the types of cakes we would sell and how much they would cost. It was very interesting and we all got a certificate to show that we had participated!

Vincent Van Gogh:
Last week Ms. McGrath’s class learnt about the life of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at a number of his paintings such as “Sunflowers” and “The Potato Eaters”. We painted one of the artists most famous pictures – “Starry Night”. The boys are pictured here showing us their amazing pictures. Artists in the making.

Unesco Art Competition entries from Ms. McGrath’s class:

pa100047 pa100048


Teacher: Ms. Collins: 2015/2016


Ms. Cowhig’s  I & II 2014/2015

Ms. Cowhig I & II