Teacher: 2017/2018: Ms. Barrett

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Trip to Fota – what a great day:


We have been studying Gaudi this month. Gaudi is a famous architect who was born in Spain in 1852. His most famous buildings can be found in Barcelona. Gaudi loved to use bright colours and used brightly coloured mosaic tiles in his work. We used “paper tiles” for our Gaudi inspired art work.

Brown Bread:

The following day we made some lovely brown bread to go with our butter. The children had to follow the recipe, weigh out the ingredients, measure out the buttermilk and stir the mixture. We put it in the oven and waited patiently for the bread to bake. The smell of baking bread was delicious. Once the bread had cooled, we spread our home-made butter on the bread and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Butter Making:

The children made their own butter in school one day last week. We poured cream into a coffee jar and added two marbles. Once the lid was secured tightly the children took turns in shaking the jar….. this was hard work!!!!!
Once the children got tired they passed the jar onto the person next to them. It took us just under 3 hours to churn the cream into butter.
We poured off the liquid left over and put the butter into the fridge to set overnight.

Van Gogh:

Van Gogh was born in Holland in 1853.
In 1886 he moved to Paris and he began to experiment with impressionism. On of the children’s favourite painting by Van Gogh is “Starry Night”. We painted our own impression of “Starry Night” while listening to Don McClean’s “Starry, Starry Night”.

Graffiti Theatre performance of “The Gardener” for First Class:

This week First Class went to see the Graffiti Theatre Company in the Halla.
They performed a play about the seasons. All of the children brought down some season related artwork.
This is a sample of the children’s opinions:
“I liked when he buried the doll.” Darragh
“I liked the part about digging.” Mikey
“I thought it was funny when the Mam was calling out their names.” Zack
“I liked it when Uncle Harry couldn’t remember things.” Ryan
“I thought it was cool when the scenery changed for each season.” Oscar Mc
“I liked the part when Joe called the baby funny names.” Senan
“I liked the part when they caught the vegetables in the basket.” Oliver
“I liked the part when they pulled the plants out of the soil.” Kayden
After the performance the children had the opportunity to ask the actors some questions. They explained how they made the scenery, how they learned all their lines and how the sound effects were created on the computer.
A great day was had by all.

Teacher: 2015/2016: Ms. O’Sullivan


Ms. O’Sullivan’s I Class 2014/2015

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